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Snow & Ice

We have all slipped on snow and ice. Luckily, we often escape serious injury. But, it’s easy to remember how hard you can fall. Despite this serious danger, property owners often fail to shovel and salt their property. Sometimes a simple slip on an icy walk can lead to a serious injury to an ankle, back, wrist or knee. Sometimes, a simple slip on snow covered steps will result in life long periods of disability and pain.

Even though these falls seem easily understood, the law regarding snow and ice can be complicated. Every walkway, sidewalk, stair, patio, parking lot and driveway is different. The rules will vary greatly depending on the location of your fall and your reason for being there. Nowhere is this truer than on public sidewalks. It has been said that the law in this area is like a patchwork quilt. On a public sidewalk, the rules will change as you walk down the block.

If you slip & fall on snow or ice, contact our office. If needed, we will employ meteorologists, safety experts and snow removal experts to prove your case.

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